“Teki teki zai shin”, the spirit of making sake

Tabata Sake Brewery was founded in 1851 and has been producing sake for over 160 years with the spirit of “Teki teki zai shin”, which means to put our hearts and souls into every drop we brew. The best quality sake can only be produced in the cold winter months, during which our brewers work tirelessly day and night - literally putting their hearts and souls into every drop they brew. Honoring the expertise of our long experienced brewers, we believe in delivering warmth to our sake by using “hand crafted” brewing methods.

Teki teki zai shin


Our signature product:
Rashomon “Ryuju”

Rashomon “Ryuju” was born from our pursuit of the finest quality sake, and is made of naturally filtered water from the Kinokawa River, our original yeast and Yamada Nishiki rice is grown at a special designation Toku A Chiku in Hyogo Prefecture, which is considered the absolute best rice for making sake. These ingredients are turned into Rashomon “Ryuju” by true craftsmanship of the master brewer and his team who dedicate themselves for making quality sake. Since its debut in 1982, Rashomon “Ryuju” has been highly acclaimed around the world and its quality is still improving every year.

Rashomon brand has been the winner of
the Monde Selection Award for 34 consecutive years

the Monde Selection Award

Since the original Rashomon made its debut in 1976, we have devoted ourselves to achieve the goal to produce premier sake products that can be loved and enjoyed around the world. It was in 1988 when Rashomon “Hohoh” won the Gold Quality Award at its first appearance in the Monde Selection. And in 1989, Rashomon “Ryuju” won the Grand Gold Quality Award and became the first Japanese sake product to receive the Gold Medal with Palm Leaves honoring the product with the highest points.

In 2003, Rashomon “Ryuju” also became the first Japanese product to win the International High Quality Award given to a product that achieved the Grand Gold Quality Award for 15 consecutive years. Rashomon “Ryuju” extends the streak of winning the Grand Gold Quality Award to 34 consecutive years as of 2022.

Now, Rashomon is one of the most favored Japanese sake brands in the world, and is distributed and enjoyed in Europe, the United States, China and Southeast Asia.

the Monde Selection Award for 31 consecutive years

About the Monde Selection

The Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections was founded in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium. Its mission is to test consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award. Every year, the products submitted are evaluated by experts to win Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold Quality Award.

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